Lashes in your town

Lash and sugaring studio in Chestermere

To enhance the natural beauty of every woman by providing customized lash extension services tailored to each individual's eye shape, while delivering European education and expertise in a home-based studio environment.

About us:

At Lashes in Your Town, our mission is to enhance the beauty of every client's eyes by providing elegant and customized lash extension services that accentuate and complement their unique eye shapes.

Our Values:


I'm Daria, owner and lash artist at Lashes in Your Town. With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every client. My journey began in Europe, where I trained and became certified in lash extension techniques. This rigorous training honed my skills, enabling me to provide elegant, precise, and customized lash services tailored to enhance each unique eye shape.

My passion for beauty and dedication to excellence drive me to continuously learn and perfect my craft. I am committed to delivering sophisticated, personalized lash designs that not only accentuate your natural beauty but also boost your confidence. Join me in experiencing the luxury and artistry of lash extensions, right in the comfort of a home-based studio.

Sets you could choose from:

Classic Set 

Full Set: 100$

Fill: 70$

With classic lashing, a single extension is applied to a single isolated natural lash. Classic lashes are perfect for adding length and some fullness to your natural lash line. Classic lashes will give the appearance of wearing mascara. 

Hybrid Set 

Full Set: 140$

Fill: 85$

A Hybrid lash is a combination of two techniques: Volume and Individual lash extensions (Classic). Taking the best bits from both treatments, Hybrid Lashes will give you volume and length, resulting in a wispy, textured lash extension look  

Volume set

Full Set: 150$

Fill: 90$

Volume lashes is a technique in which multiplied lash extensions are fanned out and applied to one natural lash (one to many). Volume eyelash extensions allow for a great level of customization to achieve the client's desired look. This technique will give you a fuller and fluffier lash line. 

Mega volume set 

Full Set: 180$

Fill: 100$

Mega volume lashes are very similar to the traditional volume lashes we know. The difference between mega volume and traditional volume is how many lash extensions are being used to create the fan and the diameter of the extensions in the fan. 

"Y" and "W" shape lashes

Full Set: 130$

Fill: 85$

As the name implies, a lash splits into two and form a Y and W shape eyelash extension. Hence, it's called Y or W lash. Unlike other lashes, Y, W-Lashes have the same lengths. The distinctive quality of these eyelash extensions is their natural and soft vibe.


Sugaring is a hair removal technique that invoves using a paste made from natural ingredients like sugar, lemon juice and water to remove unwanted hair from the root. It's similar to waxing but tends to be less painful and may result in less irritation because the sugaring paste ashedes less to the skin. It's often preferred by individuals with sesitive skin and can be used on various parts of the body.


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